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There are very little organizations that cater to both adults and the youth and administering their dreams or fostering their growth. We at BYUA are unique in that we find ways to make sure that individuals have the necessary tools and resources needed to succeed by hosting free events that cater to specific needs of most people such as : Build Your Savings
: an event created to encourage and teach about saving and creating budgets, student loans etc.; The Blacker the Berry Soiree: an educational event acknowledging and learning about the significant African American heroes to celebrate black history month and the growth of the african american culture; Build an Executive Weekend: an event created to provide job interviews and networking opportunities for all ages but mainly ages 16-25; as well as Build Your Vision Event : this event creates a space for individuals to gather and plan. Writing down goals for the year and putting together a vision board as a way to acknowledge one’s full potential and realize all that they can and want to be and all that they can and will accomplish.

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